Biography  Edit

Tucked behind the daily grind of busy streets and the struggle to make ends meet, every city girl has a dream that she hopes will come true. Susan Buzzanti, a hairdresser from hoboken, was one of the dreamers. A Savvy, Sassy Girl born and raised in the city, Susan learned very early on what her interests were.

When she was just a kid, Susan and her friends would sneak in the old movie theatre down the 23rd Avenue. While watching these films, Susan's attention was always drawn to the hair styles of the movie stars. She loved how glamorous and different they were. She wanted to be the one to create these amazing celebrity hairstyles and, When she was old enough, began looking for a job as a hair dresser.

After a few years of working hard at Ms. Wanda's House Of Hair, Susan Had a chance encounter with a theatre director from the city. He was looking to give his performers a new look that would help draw attention to his play. and, after getting styled by susan, he hired her to be the stylist that would do just that. Beside herself with excitement, Susan knew that this would be her chance at the big time, she wanted to do something nobody had ever seen before, but she wanted to test the style out on herself first.

At home, in her high rise apartment, Susan began to work on her new idea. Everything was going great until some of the hair dye and bleach started to streak a bit. Upset by how silly this would look, she tried to salvage it instead of rinsing it out. Sadly, some of the mixture made it into her eyes and began to burn. In a panic, Susan began to stumble around looking for a way to rinse out the harmful chemicals. Looking back on it now, it probably wasn't a good idea to leave her window open... especially seeing as how she lived on the 25th floor of the building. In the afterlife, Susan still continues to pursue her dream of styling hair of the stars. Unfortunately, most spirits have really lost their sense of style.

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