"I will not tolerate this dishonor any longer! You have tread upon this sacred ground and disturbed my meditations. Your foolish intrusion brings a desire consequence with it." Suki Sooki


Born into a Traditional Japanese Family, Suki Sooki began her geisha training at an early age. during this time she lived under a very strict set of rules set forth by her parents and her mentor, toshiko. these rules often prevented Suki Sooki from ever having any fun as she found most of her training very boring. in fact, the only fun she ever had was when she got a chance to play with her neighbor, a young boy named tadao.

Through the years they became the best of friends and developed a very close-knit bond. however, as Suki Sooki approached her teenage years, toshiko instructed her to stop seeing tadao as it was inappropriate for an apprentice geisha to play with boys. devastated by this news, tadao gave suki sooki a symbol of their everlasting friendship; a long linen thread to represent the gray hair of old age. Suki Sooki treasured this gift and hid it away to keep her feelings for tadao safe.

As suki sooki approached her 16th birthday, toshiko approached her family with a provocative offer from the local magistrate. the powerful man had taken notice of the girl, who had now blossomed into a beautiful young woman, a wished to take her hand in an arranged marriage. this marriage would be highly beneficial for toshiko and Suki Sooki's family, so it was very disturbing to them when she professed her love for tadao and told them that they had planned to be married. enraged by the young girl's defiance of her teachings, toshiko sought to punish the girl in way she would never forget.

A practicing majo, or witch, toshiko ransacked suki sooki's room in search of something that symbolized tadao's love for her and it wasn't long before she found the linen thread. using black magic, she sealed the thread away in a jade box and bound the souls of a thousand demons to guard it from ever being retrieved. the curse placed on the thread stated that, "the two lovers would be lost to each other, in both life and death."

Overwhelmed with grief, Suki Sooki was forced to prepare for her wedding to the magistrate and traditional geisha make-up was applied to her face and body. still crushed by the realization that the man she loved was lost to her forever, she ignored the fact that her skin was burning. severely allergic to the paint all over her skin. suki sooki quickly succumbed to the deathly reaction. sadly, even in the afterlife, the curse has not broken.

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