Biography  Edit

Mercedes grew up with the music business all around her. Daughter of the legendary rock god, Bruce Vixen, she was no stranger to life in the fast lane. As the leader of the group, Metal Stiletto, Bruce took his daughter with him wherever they toured. With no place to call home, the two became very close and Mercedes was always her biggest fan. She also began to develop her voice and musical skills under her father's tutelage.

When she was old enough, Mercedes was given the chance to take her father's place as the lead singer of Metal Stiletto. She quickly became an overnight sensation and seemed to be well on her way to following in her father's footsteps. however, though she became known for her outlandish personality and over-the-top performances, Mercedes had a passion for writing original songs. unfortunately, the band's management never took her songwriting skills seriously and wouldn't allow Metal Stiletto to perform any of her music. This frustrated Mercedes a great deal and caused her to act out in many negative ways making her a favorite for the entertainment tabbids. This behavior only served to enhance her already outrageous.

As she continued to give into her increasingly destructive habits, Mercedes wrote even more and more songs in the hopes one day performing them. however, when she come to the realization that her management would never approve it, Mercedes broke off from her contract, left the band, and started a solo tour. The first show of the tour was set to be played before a record-breaking crowd in a jam-packed auditorium. Her new manager wanted this to be one of the most amazing spectacles a rock fan would ever see. so he spared no expense on the extreme stage show that would accompany it.

Mercedes took the stage in front of her roaring fans. gripped her microphone, and began to belt out the first notes of her solo debut. Nervous and excited about this moment she had always dreamed about, Mercedes accidentally walked too close to the pyrotechnics display that signaled to opening of the show. Needless to say, she gave her fans another hot performance, albeit not the one she had in mind. She now searches the afterlife for a band skilled enough to play her intense, shred-filled riffs.

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