Biography [edit | edit source]

Kind, Understanding, And Attentive were words that were used to describe Emily Sterling, Highview Hospital's favorite nurse. Emily always took her job of helping people very seriously and did her best to make patients feel as comfortable as possible while in her care. Sadly, this compassion melted away after tragic death of her soul mate.

Emily was deeply in love with Burt Flintock, a hard working blue-collar laborer that had the difficult job of being a chimney sweep. Although Burt was not wealthy he truly loved emily and his best to make her very happy. Sadly, the night Burt was planning to propose to Emily, he died after being stuck in a chimney he was cleaning. After finding out about the horrible accident, Emily was devastated and fell into a deep depression.

With her normally cheery demeanor changed forever, Emily searched for a way to block out the pain of her loss, she immeres herself in her job and the concept of becoming a full-fledged surgical nurse, so that she could work in a hospital emergency room. She believed that if she could heal the wounds of patients in need, then her pain might begin to subside as well.

Her plan began to work, and thoughts of her lost love began to be blocked by the images of medical charts and procedural techniques. In addition, Emily also developed an obsession with sterilization and sanitization, she could be found constantly her face and hands with a special cleanser. This habit was especially noticeable during the final week of her exams to become a surgical nurse. Because she was required to deal with several rare infections and germs during the tests, Emily would use her cleanser several times a day.

However, unbeknownst to her, the bottle of cleanser she kept using had been accidentally left amongst the other chemicals she was working with. And another similar looking bottle had been taken by her in its place. This bottle contained a new experimental ointment containing trace amounts of the dangerous and radioactive element known as Radium.

On graduation day, Emily was announced as valedictorian of the class. People said she was practically glowing that day. Now in the afterlife, Emily searches for a way to make her way back into the operating room... This time as a surgical nurse, even more tragically, the memory of her beloved Burt has all but completely vanished.

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