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Biography []

Cody Ray grew up in the shadow of his father. Rodeo great Bobby Ray. The son of a 5-time world champion cowboy, Cody Ray was destined to follow in his father's... err... Boot steps. A natural, he learned how to rope and ride with the best of them at an early age. Highly competitive, it wasn't long before Cody Ray was riding wild mustangs at the rodeo and trying to beat records set by men twice his age.

Unfortunately, for every accomplishment that Cody Ray attained, he was always reminded about how fantastic his father was. The greatest rider in history, Bobby Ray's legend became even larger when he was killed by the most violent and feared to ever enter the rodeo, The Demon. Being compared to his father wasn't a big problem for Cody Ray as he had a lot of respect and admiration for him for him too. However, as the time went on, he began to feel smothered by the constant comparisons.

After many years, and several world championship titles, Cody Ray just couldn't take it anymore. He realized that the only thing that could remove him out of his father's shadow would be to take on The Demon and defeat him The Demon, who had been forever banned from the arena. was brought out of the retirement for the special event that many experts felt was a grotesque spectacle of exploitation.

As Cody Ray mounted The Demon in the bucking chute. a feeling of feat anticipation came over him. Distracted by this. he forgot to check the stability of the saddle. When the gate opened, The Demon wasted no time in proving his namesake and began to thrash viciously. It didn't take long for his saddle to come loose. Sadly, as hard as Cody Ray tried to become his own man. his fate became the same as his father's paving the way for an even closer comparsion. He continues to try and prove himself worthy in the afterlife and searches for another shot against The Demon.