Biography  Edit

A fierce and mighty Viking warrior, King Bjorn Thorgrim was always more comfortable on the battlefield than in his throne room. Seeking the glory of battle, he conquered most of the lands in the frozen north. A wise tactician, Bjorn's strategies on the battlefield helped lead his army to many victories against the wicked hordes that stood against them.

In time, Bjorn's lands were cleansed of all corruption and evil opposition, but this peace came with a price. Although his people rejoiced in the serenity that had been created, the King found only sorrow in the situation. Without an opponent to draw arms against, his lust for a worthy adversary could not be quelled. Even with his entire kingdom at his ease, Bjorn continued to seek for a new challenger.

To aid in his effort to find a formidable opponent, Bjorn asked the gods for their divine intervention in the matter. However, uneasy about meddling in the affairs of mortals, they refused to answer his plea. On the other hand, one of them saw an opportunity in his request... Loki, the god of chaos and mischief. Always looking for a chance to cause strife and turmoil, Loki answered King Bjorn's demands.

Loki rose and army of trolls, giants, and other vermin to take arms against the mighty King. The cadre of creatures was led to the gates of Bjorn's kingdom by a great frost dragon. Naturally, the King met his foes on the field of battle beneath the towering Jotunhalla Mountains and reveled in the sight of the creditable challenge.

As the two armies stood in opposition to each other dwarfed by the icy peaks of the mountains above, Bjorn let loose a howling battle cry that sent shivers down the spines of the enemies. The booming yell was also loud enough to send a sheet ice and snow plummeting from the surrounding mountains. The ensuing avalanche ended the battle before it even began and robbed Bjorn of his long-awaited conflict. Now, tucked under the frozen blanked of the afterlife without his mighty army, the Viking King must find a means to engage his ghostly enemies.

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