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Fishermen are, by nature, a superstitious lost. they have learned to respect the sea's bountiful beauty, wondrous mystery, and unparalleled fury. Barnabus Quint, a lifelong seaman that grew up on the salted docks of a small new england harbor town, was no exeption. he began his career as a bait boy swabbing the deck of the arabella's bounty, an impressive vessel known for its uncanny luck during the fishing season, it didn't take long for his hard work to be noticed by the ship's captain, sig harris, who took him under his wing and began to train him to one day to take over the helm.

a quick study, Barnabus learned all there was to know about the sea and when he became old enough, captain sig entrusted him with the secret to the ship's success by showing him a golden hook that sparkled brighter than a spanish doubloon. he told him that it was given to the original captain of the arabella's bounty by a mermaid after he aided her return to the sea. the mermaid told her sea would show him one full year of plentiful favor. and so, it had become a passed-down tradition for the ship's captain to use the magical hook to ensure the ship's yearly success by catching the fabled shark.

not one to meddle with tradition, Barnabus took on the responsibility of going out and catching the shark to ensure a good fishing season for his crew. so, he took a small skiff out to a spot that had always been lucky for him. once there, he attached the golden hook to his line and cast it out into the sea. within moments he felt a sharp and violent tug as the largest shark he had ever seen flew up into the air. within moments, the fish plunged itself back into the sea and pulled so hard that it began to yank the captain's skiff out to sea.

the big fish pulled him for days and days out into the far sea. hungry, tired, and desperate... Barnabus continued to fight his quarry to no avail. eventually, the shark charged into a roaring storm where it hoped to escape. the storm proved too much of a disadvantage for Barnabus and the fierce winds helped the shark to snap the line and disappear down into the deep sea with the enchanted golden hook. trapped by the ferocity of the storm, Barnabus Quint was swallowed by the ocean he had always loved. new, the old fisherman continues to search for the creature who took his fabled golden hook, and he will not stop until he has done so.

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