Biography Edit

A very large fan of pampering herself, Barbara Taylor was a B movie actress that starred in some of the lower budget higher movies of the times. Although she never secured the role she desired, her "talents" secured her the interest of an aging oil tycoon. After his death, she inherited millions and used most of it on pedicures, facial rejuvenations, and other high-end beauty products. Never one to bargain shop, she lived a lavish and indulgent life, but she never attained the critical acclaim she never desired an actress.

After years of auditions and unflattering roles, Barbara was given the script of her dreams and was cast as the lead in a thriller that would jettison her to stardom. Unfortunately, it was cut a bit short when she decided it would be a good idea to give herself a permanent while taking her bubble bath and after years of shocking her audiences, she got one of her own. Hey, after all the years, the perm is still holding strong,,,

Barbara is infatuated with celebrities, old hollywood, and the lifestyle associated with these things. She fancies herself as a leading lady, and continues this thought process in the afterlife. She will not rest until she appears in the perfect role that will solidify her in cinematic history.

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